Somewhere over the rainbow.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Australia.

Australia is a bit fractured at the moment. Actually that is not quite true; the hottest island nation on earth has been fractured since Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon in 1606 first set his eyes on the west coast and in European terms discovered Australia, although he didn’t know it at the time. Many were to follow him and so it began.

There is a myth in Australia – indeed the world – that James Cook, perhaps the greatest explorer known to man was the first but it took him another century and then he ‘discovered’ the eastern seaboard. However let us not get into semantics here. Both were incredible seamen although it is acknowledged that Cook was paramount in his exploration of the world. He also happens to be a hero of mine so I’m not interested in a discussion – informed or not – on that matter.

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When I say Australia is in a bit fractured at the moment I have to refer to politics for a brief moment.

We have just seen the removal of our Prime Minister in what could only be termed pathetic and desperate terms. Like the little children they are members of the Liberal party worried about the next election and their wonderful $200,000 a year salary threw PM Turnbull to the wind.

Admittedly he was a bit of a loser having been elected with a multitude of stern promises to make the nation proud but in the end gave in to the entire conservative, green, gay, you name it faction and thus we became a government without policy. Mind you the only real damage to Turnbull is his ego. The man, like many blood sucking politicians is a multi millionaire so he’ll probably sulk for some months and then count his monetary trust accounts. The abhorrence at our political system at the moment is to put it mildly disgust. On the other hand Donald Trump congratulated our new Prime Minister on his ascendancy so all is well with the world, in Trump terms that is.

Now no more politics if I can avoid it. Problem is the buggers consume our day to day living, no matter what nation you live in.

The people of Australia are worried about their future. As a member of the older generation I’m selfish enough to be thankful I won’t see the havoc my generation and those before it has wreaked on this magnificent land. Frankly I bleed for my grandchildren. They are facing a world where a university degree is becoming meaningless unless you are entering the medical or scientific fields. And the universities are to blame. Their greed in wanting more and more students and enrolling them in courses where there are few if any jobs once the students have their hard earned degree knows no bounds.

More and more Australians are becoming so cynical they have become disappointed in the nation as a whole.

We are an expensive nation to live in. Prices are high and becoming higher as corporate Australian gouges more and more money from our meagre purses. The median house price in Sydney is AU$1,111,124 and young people who giving up and moving on. Either out of Sydney or Australia. Last year 25,000 Australians packed up and moved to New Zealand.

Map of New Zealand Sydney Australia Sydney Harbour Opera Hous

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